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Enjoy Feelings, Don’t Own Them

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Something I've been living by but I forgot lately for a short period of time.

All the feelings around you that you experience, feelings places make you feel, feelings people make you feel, are all temporary! The way a specific person makes you feel is just here and now, you can't own the person and you can't own this feeling! The best thing you can do is be thankful for the way they made you feel, the experiences you had, nothing lasts forever, nothing!

Remember how you felt the moment you visited somewhere new? or moved to somewhere new? Felt great! You had new experiences, met new people, it was exciting! What happened after a period of time? You got used to it, you stopped experiencing those feelings, why? Because feelings are temporary!

Remember how you felt when you met the love of your life? The perfect match? Felt great! You were in love! You couldn't get enough of them, How did you feel after you spent 1 year with them? Where those feelings as intense? Probably not!

Therefore, enjoy the moment, enjoy feelings while they're there and be grateful for experiencing them and more of them will follow.​

Don’t wait

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I'm really curious about this concept of waiting that so many people have "Simply wait, and good things will come, you'll find the love of your life"

Really? waiting? is that it? That's what's going to make good things happen? BULLSHIT!

Nothing happens when you wait, doesn't matter how lucky you are if you don't fill the lottery at least once you have 0 chances of winning, never trick yourself into believing things will simply come towards you without you having to do anything.

The only time you're allowed to "wait" is when you need to gain your mental and physical powers back, stand back up on your legs, pull yourself together and have enough energy to chase whatever it is that you desire!

So my advice, don't wait, just do something, anything! step by step you'll get your strength back and you'll be able to achieve whatever your heart desires.

"Engage and the mind will grow heated, begin it and the task will be completed"

A quote that is written on the first page of my notebook that shakes me up and puts everything into place every time I read it.​

Relationship lessons

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First of all, when you cheat you should keep in mind that you’re risking the whole relationship; you’ll lose it completely if you get caught and therefore you shouldn’t!

How to fight the urge to sleep with other women? Simple, stay without sex for a bit, get away from your partner for a bit and you’ll be horny as fuck and can’t wait to sleep with them again.

Think sex is becoming a habit? Break it. How? Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be 30 minutes. You can foreplay for 1 whole hour, you can play roles, and you can do it outside, endless ideas. Do that!

When you think of breaking up, always do the following.

First, Take a pen and paper, and write down all the qualities that you like in your partner. And all the things you do not like to get a perspective on is it actually really worth it to break up?

Second, always remember, you chose this person for many reasons, they ticket all or most of the boxes, Do you know how hard it is to find someone that ticks those boxes?

Look around you and keep the following in mind, They should be confident (rare already), attractive, successful, smart, beautiful, caring, smells good, tastes good, fun, positive..

So many qualities, you think you have the energy to go out and meet 1000 new people to find one like that? Go for it. I’m telling you it’s way easier to just stick with the person you have and try to fix their weak points by sitting down, calmly, telling them that you’re saying those things because you love them and you care about the relationship, and try to fix those things together.

Always remember, nothing is worse than being lonely! You find yourself overwhelmed by the pressure from your partner? The time you’re spending on them? Always remember it’s better than not doing anything in this time.

Communication is the key! Having problems with sex? Talk about it, Are they consuming too much of your time? Tell them and tell them why you need that time. It’s not like you’re going to flirt with other women in that time. You simply need to go to work and gym!

Love and you’ll be loved!

No place for playing it hard to get, support and love! That’s all you give. And it will eventually come back to you as well. Just remember previous experiences! Even the coldest heart can melt when loved truly.

When you go around at night and you see so many beautiful women out there, always remember, you’re not paying close attention because you don’t have time to do so, and they’re not that beautiful, it’s the cheerleader effect, if you pay close attention to the woman you’re with and compare her to them, eyes, lips, nose, pussy, body type, you’ll understand that the one you’re with is 10 times more beautiful than all of them, even if you find someone that is say as beautiful, or more beautiful. Do you really think sex with her will be that worth it? Worth risking all you have? For 30 minutes pleasure or so? Definitely not!

The key for a successful relationship is going all in, not going all in blind of course, see the signs and be careful, but dedicated to that relationship.

The moment you start thinking otherwise, those thoughts in your brain will move your focus from the person you’re with, the important one! and that’s my friend how you’ll begin to lose the relationship slowly.

Do you think that the relationship is getting boring? You’re part of that!

Think, which new things are you adding to the relationship? Are you finding new topics to talk about? If the answer is no, then you should! How? Very simple, every day, read a new article or two, when you meet your partner tell them about the new knowledge you learned, this way you’ll keep things interesting while still testing yourself on the material you just read.

Do you feel that your partner is out of things to say? Ask them to do the same, in a nice way, telling them the reason behind it and that you want to keep the relationship interesting!

There are always ways around things if you have the intention, always remember that. Nothing is impossible. People can change, and you can change and give them the space to be who they are!

When something is missing in a relationship, don’t focus on this missing part, always remember all the other parts that actually exists, talk about the missing but don’t force it. If it changes that’s good and if it doesn’t you might as well accept that. You can’t get 100%, you’ll be bored if you did. There will always be something missing, but always look at the full side of the bottle.

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