The right people at the wrong time

Life is a journey, the destination is the goals you set, however, sometimes emotions come in the way between you and your goal, someone precious appears in your life, someone worth slowing down the process, after all, all we do is for the sake of feelings, feelings of accomplishment, feeling of success, feeling of love, However, to reach the goal you set successfully you must always remember why you set it at the first place, what your dream was, which feelings you’re working to accomplish, sometimes it means losing very precious people on the way, which might cause temporary pain, yet a permanent scar, but sometimes you need to learn that taking one step closer to your goal means taking the hit, getting back up on your feet and proceeding to move forward. It will not be comfortable or pleasant but it’s temporary. And if you’re really meant to be with a specific person, you will be eventually, but for now, you have to get up take a step forward and not look back.
I will always miss you fluffy.
Yours truly,

Blog like a pro

Thrive EditorA week ago I was chatting with one of my good buddies here Gaël and Founder of he showed me an amazing lander that he’s experimenting with and getting a lot of success with. I was amazed by how fast this page loaded and how professional and eye grabbing it looked, no wonder it was doing so well. I asked him how he made it and he said that he used Thrive Editor without hesitation I went and got me a copy of that Editor. That same night I met Paul, one of the founders of Thrive Editor he seemed like a nice intelligent and humble guy. The day after I opened a support ticket for the problem I was experiencing with the plugin. I was amazed that Paul himself replied to my ticket very quickly. He spent hours trying to dig into this problem which included making custom changes to my own server. I was really impressed by the amazing support and eventually not only did he fix the problem but he also gave me full refund for the time I had to wait. I’m truly thankful for that and I’m really enjoying creating blog posts with this tool, that in my opinion is a must-have for any serious blogger.

When being strong is the only option.

To be honest I make a decent amount of money especially for the place I live in. Which doesn’t motivate me too much to work more, especially when I have a very nice lifestyle for very little work. Thing is, deep inside, I do want to progress and I do want to improve. Been making the same amount of money approximately for months until now when I literally doubled my income in 1 month. What was the motivation you ask?

Very simple, I put myself in financial pressure, I spent a lot and had no other option than working more no matter what. As a result, I spent more, bought nice things that I liked and doubled my income at the same time. Why save money to have money, when you can make more money to have money?

Don’t give up for the “okay plateau” it’s always better having more than you need. and you’re the only one that knows what lights your fire to get up and get it no matter how ridiculous it sounds to others.

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