Fastest way to read books

MeI’ve been reading a great book lately called “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” as recommended on and I was really enjoying it. Yet on the list of to-read books the list is huge and I was wondering how much time it will take me to read all of that, until a friend of mine Alexandra told me about book summaries. which I realized was a great idea of getting the juice of the best books in very little time. If you have a book that you know gives great advice and you can’t afford reading all about why it is a great advice, try reading book summaries. You can find them online for most books.

Great tip, Thanks Alex.

Show, Don’t tell

Show, don't tellBy far the most powerful marketing technique I’ve ever found, sounds so simple but yet so effective. I see so much marketing campaigns out there trying to convince people to buy things and do stuff. where in fact I believe the best way of convincing them, is showing them how you (or someone else) actually does it.

I found a lot of success in this technique lately after trying tens or hundreds of marketing idea. This simple technique that does not require so much effort or creativity gave the best results.

If you’re reading this let me know your thoughts about the technique and if you had experience with it or any other effective method.


Taking a day off

BaseemDon’t feel like working today. Figured I’ll write a blog post here to all the random followers out there. What have I been up to since last post? Let’s see, I realized many things. First of all the power of routine and small progress daily. It’s amazing what you can do simply by setting up daily tasks like making a blog post a day or shooting a single video a day. I’ve been perfecting my videos at Fitness4Arabs thanks to great tips coming from Ashraf Samhouri my virtual yet great friend on Facebook from Jordan, hopefully one day we’ll meet. Also, I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of friends who just like me work in affiliate marketing and I’ve been learning a lot from them and applying it on my business and seeing great results. Oh did I mention? I met a really cute lady. name remains a secret. I really like her. We’ve been dating since April and I’m comfortable around her, like I’ve never been with anyone else. We speak about business and in other words, she’s a friend not just a lover, and after meeting her I realized what I really want in a woman and I’m thankful for that.

Budapest is taking a whole new look now in the summer, Streets are crowded with people and the atmosphere is as if this city is one big party with tons of festival coming up and parties every night. I’m really glad I stayed here. Most likely I’ll stay here for another year at least.

Till next time,


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