Ignoring Signs

We as humans are one of the smartest instinctive creatures on earth, our subconscious mind gives us signals all the time about what’s surrounding us, to prevent us from getting hurt or injured based on previous experienced stored in our mind, whether we’re aware of those signs or not.
In many cases the feelings of those signs are there, however we tend to “correct” those signs, alter them or ignore them since we’re not willing to face the outcomes the resemble.
However, our subconscious mind is way smarter than the conscious one and he’s giving those signs for a reason. When you ignore them you’re taking a big risk on your own self hoping you can alter the outcomes of those signs with your powers.
One thing I learned lately is to never ignore those signs and instead dig down deep and know where they’re coming from and why.
When you have a bad feeling about someone or somebody and can’t put your finger on it that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. it just means you cannot remember the previous lesson you learned by facing a similar person, however, the was it made you feel is still there.
We face an ugly and nasty world sometimes, filled with cruel people, even though above the surface those people may look unthreatening, when a bad feeling about them is there, it’s normally there for a reason.

Be careful.


Living in today’s world has quite a big effect on our lives, It’s a competitive world and people always strive for more. We got used to competing from a young age that sometimes we forget to notice how amazing is what we have, and instead we look around at what others have. Even though what we have is EXACTLY what we asked for, there seems to always be place for doubts, we ask “Could it get better?” instead of asking “How can I make the best of what I have?”

Appreciating what you have and making the best of it is one of the hardest tasks to human kind. Look around, most people are unhappy for one reason or another.

Unfortunately sometimes appreciation comes with a very heavy cost!

When we lose what we had.

It’s as if we have a big board with empty spaces in them. Where certain things (In my case people) fill a specific number of spaces, The worst thing I ever did was look at the spaces that person didn’t fill instead of looking at how many spaces they actually did.

When what we had doesn’t exist anymore, ALL the spaces are emptied. Which makes you realize how amazing that person was to you and how hard it would be to make it any better.

You empty all the spaces that are filled when you lose that person instead of focusing on “What can actually be done to fill the very few spaces that they didn’t fill” – When it sometimes, the reflection of your own actions is what stopping them from filling those spaces.

Lessons can be very painful sometimes,
The wise are the ones who do not forget them.

Never again.

Blog like a pro

Thrive EditorA week ago I was chatting with one of my good buddies here Gaël and Founder of AuthorityHacker.com he showed me an amazing lander that he’s experimenting with and getting a lot of success with. I was amazed by how fast this page loaded and how professional and eye grabbing it looked, no wonder it was doing so well. I asked him how he made it and he said that he used Thrive Editor without hesitation I went and got me a copy of that Editor. That same night I met Paul, one of the founders of Thrive Editor he seemed like a nice intelligent and humble guy. The day after I opened a support ticket for the problem I was experiencing with the plugin. I was amazed that Paul himself replied to my ticket very quickly. He spent hours trying to dig into this problem which included making custom changes to my own server. I was really impressed by the amazing support and eventually not only did he fix the problem but he also gave me full refund for the time I had to wait. I’m truly thankful for that and I’m really enjoying creating blog posts with this tool, that in my opinion is a must-have for any serious blogger.

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