Pedal to the metal

1780106_10152065673067599_704769735_oSince I started my affiliate business I haven’t really worked as most people do (around 8 hours a day) but yet I managed to make a living better than most people can where I live. However, I got new goals now, and my goals always come to life. Problem is I’m totally not used to working that much so I had to figure out a way to make it happen.

Thanks to my friend Jordan Fried who recommended some fantastic books for timing and enhancement of productivity I read a couple of books that are by far a must read for anyone who’s serious about improving his business or get the best out of his day.

First book I read was “Eat that frog” by Brian Stacy which is a simple yet a very powerful concept to apply to your daily life that basically stresses the importance of doing the biggest mission of the day first and the one with biggest impact. Sounds simple, yet you’ll be amazed by how many people prefer to do the easy steps first.

Second book is called “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris – I’m sure many of you have heard of it but if you haven’t read it yet, I’m telling you this book is gold! It’s all about doing big things in and achieving your dream goals in the easiest way.

Other than that I’ve been using a technique that works really well for me by setting a stop watch of 25 minutes cycles at of pure work and after that 5 minutes of break. You’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve in that way – at least I did. The moment your mind becomes heated you wouldn’t even want to take the 5 minutes break instead you’ll continue to the next cycle.

If you enjoy posts like those where I share what’s happening in my career be sure to let me know so I’ll write more.

Till next time, keep on hustling.


I’m staying!

Sitting on the bridge in BudapestBlogging time! I’m so happy that I finally managed to issue a residence VISA in Hungary for one year and to be honest, it wasn’t hard at all. That means that I can stay and travel anywhere in Europe until the end of December 2014 so I can settle a bit in one place and focus more on improving my business in the beautiful Budapest. I enjoy travelling a lot, However, it’s really hard to concentrate on my business when I’m in a different country every 3 months so I decided to take a break, at least until June, when I’ll probably go to somewhere on the beach, or maybe not, I heard that Budapest is THE city to spend the summer in, it’s filled with parties and festivals from mid March till September, so in another thought, maybe I’ll stay.

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my home (parent’s house) in Israel, it’s always exciting to go back and see my loving family and amazing friends, besides, it’s 28 degrees here! I can only dream of that now in Budapest.

Hopefully I’ll start updating this website more often for the handful of people who reads my posts.

If you’re one of those people reading my updates feel free to drop me a message anytime, especially if you’re visiting Budapest in the near future.


Budapest, Hungary

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASzia, I’ve been in Budapest for a couple of months now and I just figured I’ll share my experience here. I remember one of the first things that I noticed when I first came here is that people were very friendly and women were really beautiful. I was staying at the Buda side first which is much more clean and fancy than the Pest side, yet most of the nightlife and cool places here are located in the Pest side. Having lived most of my time here in Pest side there are two things that I noticed the most, amazingly beautiful buildings, and piss in every corner – it seems like it’s an acceptable habit here to simply pee wherever you want – strange habit.

I also noticed that even though I’m still in east Europe, Budapest is relatively modern and reminds me more of Germany than Bulgaria/Romania – considering public transportation and condition of public locations.

Language here by far is the weirdest I’ve ever heard, I’m not even trying to learn new words because even the simple words like “Cheers” sound so complicated – fortunately you can communicate in English almost everywhere.

Nightlife here is simply fantastic, ranging from the alternative hippie Berlin-style places to the neat-looking luxury expensive places – so whatever your taste is, you’re going to find it here for sure.

Bottom line, I’m enjoying every moment here and I’ll do my best to stay for a while and hopefully write some more about it.


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