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Freedom of thoughts

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Thoughts are way more powerful than what we think, lot of people tend to think that thoughts have no power and that they're free to think whatever they want and it will not affect their life, in fact, it will affect their life dramatically.

Thoughts play a very big role in our life, we think before we do, thoughts might not affect our immediate actions, even though in most cases they do, but they will definitely affect future actions, therefore be cautious of what you think of, it does affect your mood, your focus and your achievements in life.

I tend to think of negative thoughts as a devil or an enemy, trying to bring me down, and I fight it with all my power, I refuse to accept that it's part of me and I abandon them by distracting myself every time they appear in my mind by an immediate action around me, or a different thought, in most cases if you keep yourself busy there wouldn't be much place for negative thoughts but even when they do focus your sight on something that is happening around you and question something about it, it will take your focus immediately off the negative thought since the brain is only capable of holding one thought at a time.

Careful driving that car inside of you! Focus on the positive things around:)‚Äč

Beginning End

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I always wondered where does the word "forever" comes from. And if anything is forever why are we mortals think we can have things forever? We get attached to things, and enjoy the feeling that we could own them forever, as if there will be no end, when the truth is, everything has a beginning and has an end, beginning with a relationship, ending with life. 

All you can really do is enjoy what's here and now, those feelings are temporary and you cannot hold on to them, especially feelings you have for people change over time. Enjoy the feelings like you enjoy a good meal, do your best to repeat them as much as you can, but never think you can own them forever.

Looks Wear Off

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After I broke up with my gorgeous ex girlfriend I've been long wondering, what makes a guy like me, who'd dream of being with a girlfriend that hot, to break up with her? I long thought I did a horrible mistake, and that I'd never find a girl as hot again, but the fact is, it doesn't matter!
Why? Because looks wear off! What do I mean by that is, doesn't matter how hot a person is you'll eventually get used to them and the attraction or chemistry will become lower and lower by time.
So how do you find a person that you'll manage to stay attracted to and stay with?
Simple, Looks do matter to a specific extent, of course you should find someone attractive for you but never try to find the most attractive because they simply do not exist! Anyone who's most attractive will stop being most attractive in time. Found someone attractive? Good. Now make sure he's a person that can be your FRIEND, a partner! Not a lover! Someone whom you could spend time with and that meets your concepts in life. If you knew you were not fitting but you ignored it for the looks or some other factor it will never last. Because you'll get used to all the other added values and the lack of principles they have will stand out and eventually ruin the relationship.
Find a life partner! Not a lover! That's how you keep the relationship healthy for as long as possible.

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