Why I hate Israel

Flag_of_Israel.svgHate, is a big word, I’m aware of that yet I use it here without hesitation. Before getting too angry and calling me racist, Let me make it clear, I don’t hate Jews and I have nothing against any group of people, What I hate is a place and the way it’s managed, and the way it makes me feel, Think what feelings drove me at the first place to write this article on my way back to Budapest from Israel, It must’ve took a lot of effort to make a very peaceful and calm person like me so irritated, I never even though I’d be writing such posts but I feel like letting it all out here and now.

Let’s see, what pisses me off about Israel, First, I hate how impolite people are here, nobody and I mean nobody gives a shit about how you feel, they’re looking for the first opportunity to be in front of you no matter where and why, is it fair, or not. After getting used to the politeness of Europe I find it very hard to accept how people talk to each other casually in Israel, you get into a store, there’s no Hi or any type of greetings, they walk inside like it’s their own house, they don’t ask they order, No please, no thank you. It’s crowded, dirty and noisy, it’s expensive for no justified reason, oh well, except that Israel needs to have the strongest army in the world and it needs to support it, therefore you have to pay the highest taxes in the world. And there’s nothing I hate more about Israel than how racist its people are, hell I might even be actually racist hating so much on racists, and you feel that every single place you go. A quick comparison would be how much security checks I passed through in the airport between Israel and Budapest, in Budapest all you do is walk through the airport put your check-in back unchecked, then go through a fast and standard security check and you’re ready to get on the plane. Not in Israel, First of all you don’t just get into the airport that easily, You got to walk through a security guard that asks you personal questions with another guy at his back with his gun locked and loaded pointed slightly away from your head, and if you date to speak in an accent, you got yourself a free interview about your life with that guy before getting into the streets of the airport.

We passed that, then we get into the airport building, before going through the manual security check for your CHECK-IN bag, you pass through a hot lady that doesn’t spare any questions about you or about your personal life, and when she sees that you’re an Arab, oh you got yourself a private session at your favorite shrink. If you pass this lady, you win a yellow stamp on your passport, which then leads you to the security checks for your check-in back, don’t be fooled, this is no x-ray and go security check, this is the open every box and rub a piece of cloth around it security check, why pack your bag once when you can pack it twice right? We passed that and now we’re allowed to check-in our check-in bag safely. We walk upstairs where there’s another lady waiting to check that you got your must pass interview downstairs and got your bag snooped all over, now we go to the standards hand-bag security check Israeli-style where you put your bag and all metal objects to the x-ray, standard right? Not here. After your bags are checked in the x-ray you get a personal care with another lady that now rubs a piece of cloth on all your objects including your body unpacking all your handbag  for you to pack it again, Got to be careful, got to be careful. You think you’re all done right? Ready to just walk to the gate, not yet, because you’re not at the right terminal! You have to now take a bus and go to Terminal 3 where your plane will take off, wait a second, why were you at Terminal 1 at the first place? Because it says that on your bloody ticket. In other words, someone somewhere decided, that this pain in the ass is perfectly legit.

And this is my friends just a small glimpse of why I hate Israel, I hate it so much sometimes it makes me happy going there because it reminds me of how lucky I am to not be living there.

Sziastok Israel, the less I see you, the better.

Blog like a pro

Thrive EditorA week ago I was chatting with one of my good buddies here Gaël and Founder of AuthorityHacker.com he showed me an amazing lander that he’s experimenting with and getting a lot of success with. I was amazed by how fast this page loaded and how professional and eye grabbing it looked, no wonder it was doing so well. I asked him how he made it and he said that he used Thrive Editor without hesitation I went and got me a copy of that Editor. That same night I met Paul, one of the founders of Thrive Editor he seemed like a nice intelligent and humble guy. The day after I opened a support ticket for the problem I was experiencing with the plugin. I was amazed that Paul himself replied to my ticket very quickly. He spent hours trying to dig into this problem which included making custom changes to my own server. I was really impressed by the amazing support and eventually not only did he fix the problem but he also gave me full refund for the time I had to wait. I’m truly thankful for that and I’m really enjoying creating blog posts with this tool, that in my opinion is a must-have for any serious blogger.

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