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Don’t be fooled by words

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A couple of weeks ago I've dated a beautiful intelligent girl, we happened to meet firstly online and chat for over a week before we met, apparently this girl really wanted me and she said anything possible to make it look like we are a perfect match, I was really impressed, could that be that I really found the perfect match? I was happy, yet suspicious, we haven't met in person, never have I in my life talked to a girl that took such big decisions virtually without hesitation. it felt good, but deep inside I suspected something is going wrong. Ten days after our initial interaction we met, she was all over herself, trying to convince me, and herself, that we were perfectly fitting, she didn't stop talking, and it felt as if she's shooting all over the place trying to cover all the spots to take away any doubts, but something was suspicious about her.

Do you know the saying, "Eyes don't lie"? Happens to be true, you can easily say whatever you want, but to show it, that is a bit more challenging. I always tend to focus on people's eyes, See how honest they are, eyes speak louder than any voice.

One thing I noticed, is that she wasn't comfortable looking directly into my eyes, she seemed like a very confident person, but she couldn't, "She said, I feel like you can see directly into my soul" - Why would you mind if have nothing to hide?

Eventually ​the date ended with plenty of words, but no actual signs of attraction.

Needless to say, a few days after it all fell apart, and she realized, we're not as matching as she thought we were.

Moral of the story, Look for signs, not words, It's enough to hear, "Watch out" to know they care, It's enough for them to look at you deep in the eyes to know they're attracted to you, and it's enough for them to come back, for you to know the like you.

Words don't matter, actions do.​

Freedom of thoughts

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Thoughts are way more powerful than what we think, lot of people tend to think that thoughts have no power and that they're free to think whatever they want and it will not affect their life, in fact, it will affect their life dramatically.

Thoughts play a very big role in our life, we think before we do, thoughts might not affect our immediate actions, even though in most cases they do, but they will definitely affect future actions, therefore be cautious of what you think of, it does affect your mood, your focus and your achievements in life.

I tend to think of negative thoughts as a devil or an enemy, trying to bring me down, and I fight it with all my power, I refuse to accept that it's part of me and I abandon them by distracting myself every time they appear in my mind by an immediate action around me, or a different thought, in most cases if you keep yourself busy there wouldn't be much place for negative thoughts but even when they do focus your sight on something that is happening around you and question something about it, it will take your focus immediately off the negative thought since the brain is only capable of holding one thought at a time.

Careful driving that car inside of you! Focus on the positive things around:)​

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